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Welcome to the Boyette Creek HOA website!

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for :

Monday, November 3 at 7:00 PM at
Bloomingdale Library (1906 Bloomingdale Avenue)

2014 Meetings:
February 24th   Annual Meeting   Bloomingdale Library 6:30 PM
May 5th   Board Meeting   Bloomingdale Library 7:00 PM
August 4th   Board Meeting   Bloomingdale Library 7:00 PM
November 3rd   Budget Meeting   Bloomingdale Library 6:30 PM

Here are the members of your Board of Directors:

Barry Cobb - President
Carrie Nickerson - Secretary
Doug Baker - Treasurer

Management Company Information:

Boyette Creek HOA
c/o McNeil Management Services
PO Box 6235
Brandon, FL 33508-6004
Phone: 813.571.7100
Fax: 813.689.2747

ALL correspondence MUST be directed to the management company. Emails sent to the administrator of this website will not be answered in a timely fashion. Thank you for your cooperation!

Planning a Garage Sale?

Great idea! If you plan to put garage sale signs, youwill need to remove them when your sale is over! If you don't, they will be collected and turned over to the county.
Hillsborough County may choose to fine you.


Would you like to use the park located at the entrance of Boyette Creek for a party or an event?
*Some restrictions apply*
Please fill out the Release of Liability and Agreement for Park Usage Form and submit it to McNeil Management at least 7 days prior to your event.

ARB Review Reminder 

Drawing up big plans for the exterior of your house or your yard? The Architectural Review Board (ARB) would like to remind everyone to file their applications for home improvements, landscaping, fences and other exterior home additions or changes.

The applications can be obtained by contacting McNeil or you may print them:
ARB Application. The latest Architectural Review Board Planning Criteria can be found on the Documents page.


Submit completed applications to McNeil Management. 



Neighborly Reminder


Please help us report burnt out street lights!

Call TECO to report them! You will need the street light number that can be found on the pole. You will also need the address of the nearest homes. Please be sure to make note of these important items. To contact TECO, please call 813-223-0800 or submit to

Remember: A well lit neighborhood is a SAFE neighborhood!

Also, by replacing the burnt out bulbs in your coach lights and front porch, you will have improved security for your home and valuables!







Thank you for your visit to our web site!